Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mort Garson - The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey

Here is a nice gem of an album from 1969 that very few people are aware of. It is somewhat of a parody of "The Wizard of Oz", with lots of synthesizer and bizarre narration, with seven (I think) different characters including the "In-man" and the "Lyin' Coward". Some of the music is reminiscent of early Nintendo game music, which is quite notable because this album was released around 16 years before the NES. Mort Garson happened to pass away last Wednesday (Jan 16th) at the age of 83. Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I recently found out about a band which many people who visit my blog may enjoy. They're called Modular and they're fabulous. They play very groovy, dreamy analog synth music with a 21st century twist. Obvious influences are Stereolab, bossa nova, the High Llamas, and 60s Moog albums. You can download a handful of their songs here, and listen to some others that have yet to be released on an album here.