Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sven Libaek - Nickel Queen

1. Look (Every Day) v: Biddell, Kaff.
2. Take Without Giving
3. Jenny Blake
4. Go Anywhere v: Biddell, Kaff.
5. News From The Exchange.
6. Park Scene (Look, Every Day)
7. Go Anywhere v: Biddell, Kaff.
8. Go Anywhere (Instrumental)
9. Spinifex Hill (Look, Every Day)
10. Meg’s Shopping Spree (Take Without Giving)
11. Mrs. Benson
12. The Fall Of Benson Mining
13. Look (Every Day)


Quimsy said...

Thanks for a nice rip of this!

Look (Every Day) v: Biddell, Kaff.
Take Without Giving
Jenny Blake
Go Anywhere v: Biddell, Kaff.
News From The Exchange.
Park Scene (Look, Every Day)
Go Anywhere v: Biddell, Kaff.
Go Anywhere (Instrumental)
Spinifex Hill (Look, Every Day)
Meg’s Shopping Spree (Take Without Giving)
Mrs. Benson
The Fall Of Benson Mining
Look (Every Day)



cmland said...

Thanks very much for song titles

Gonzo said...

thank you very much for posting these beautiful music. sven's music has ultimately grown on me since my discovery of his song in life aquatic ost. can you please post inner-space? i only heard two tracks so far. thank's in advance! i love your blog.

cmland said...

Thank you for the compliments, but I won't post Inner Space because it has recently been re-released by a record label called Votary. You can buy it from them, or easily find a free download of it on a program called SoulSeek (which is where I found Nickel Queen and The Set). Soulseek can be downloaded here

Gonzo said...

ah yes actually i found those two tracks at soulseek but apparently the guy i was downlading only shared those two. maybe i should check it out more often to see if there's any more people share the whole album. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i discovered your blog today and i´m so thankful for all sven libaek uploads and the other stuff! maybe you can refresh the link for the "MY THING" lp. i need "mysty canyon".....
thank's in advance!

cmland said...

The link for "my thing" still works for me.....maybe rapidshare was having problems. Try it again and if it still wont work let me know.

Anonymous said...

now i works for me too! actually rapidshare was really having problems...
thank you once again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I've recently grown very fond of Sven's music and found you to be a very reliable source of his tunes.

Btw, I read somewhere that Inner Space was re-released, but what I bought and thought was that album was just a compilation of tracks from various Libaek albums.
So my question is, do you know a specific and reliable website that sells the album and ships to Europe (Denmark)?

Sincerely Claus

cmland said...

There were recently two albums called Inner Space released and re-released. There was one that was a compilation which you seem to have, and there was the origional. It can be purchased here:

janus2810 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
janus2810 said...

Thanks for your kindness and respect, it is much appreciated! JP

forum member said...

cmland ....nice to see a blogger respect another persons work by removing these links

Well done

BTW I am sure janus will write to you to see if you offer them via email ....

janus2810 said...

Actually, could you just remove the posts entirely please, as I'm sure people are writing you to get a link emailed to them. Thanks. JP

Anonymous said...

janus2810 you're fuckin' selfish!

cmland said...

Hey cool it man. I'm not sure how sharing music makes me selfish. I have removed my email address from the posts, so there's no way these posts can affect your money making on ebay anymore. If anything, these posts (without a download link) will bring attention to the album and cause people to seek it out on ebay or whatever.

Anonymous said...

@previous anonymous ...its you that are selfish, go find it yourself

@cmland ....what satisfaction do you possibly get posting other peoples music uploads for your own self serving compliments
Its obvious you dont own any albums ,how ld are , grow up

Bloggers with no heart in the music might as well be wallmart shops , places to avoid

janus2810 said...


I believe actually the anonymous guy was calling me selfish, not you.

My comment at that would be, what exactly has he EVER shared? Just curious. I have shared a lot online, there are just some things that I choose NOT to share, which, last time I checked I am perfectly entitled to do with something that belongs to me!!

@ The other anonymous, thanks for the kind words and support! Cheers! JP

Anonymous said...

I've seen this a lot lately in the OOP/rare/library music sharing blogs.

ie. "Please take down MY share/rip/burn on YOUR blog."

Can't say as I have figured out why it matters who's rip/share/burn it is anyway. Is it ego? The anonymous comment at 11:08 leads me to believe it is. Who knows.......

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone involved in sharing such music whether they are the original rip/share/burnerer/etc. or someone who found it on the internet and decided to share such incredible music with other people on their own.


Benson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
janus2810 said...

Hey Benson, thanks for having NO respect!

Ron said...

benson is a wanker and this whole blog with this post sucks! Removing the post entirely would have been the best gesture of support to the man who ripped this costly lp.
@cmland, stop your childishness in sustaining this post and torturing a man!

Anonymous said...


Tré said...

Listen, don't worry about your bullshit. The only way to own something is not to express it. What are you doing online?

love tré

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck it's the internet.
I bet you buy music.



Anonymous said...

Thank you to this blogger for posting Sven, it was the first I had heard of him and his is some of the most interesting music I have heard. Directly because of this blog, I contacted James at Votary and bought Inner Space on vinyl, it was a real thrill to play a brand new record of music this great. They are apparently going to issue all of Sven's stuff. I can see why the owner of the recordings would not want them to be given away to people that are happy with only the mp3s. To those people I strongly recommend that owning real vinyl or CD copies is much more rewarding and you can rip your own mp3 for your pod. Besides the enjoyment for yourself, think of the man who created this music, enjoying a little income from new fans who found him from blog posts like this.

joe said...

i know this is a bit late but... here is a poem i have written in tribute to this message board.

(you'll have to imagine the bongo accompaniment.)

how can you claim ownership of a share?

what about the person who owns copyright?

you're happy to take no notice of that, right?

and we are happy to take no notice of you.

you bozo.

janus2810 said...

Good one dipshit! I'm not the one proliferating this in blogland...... I'm trying to get it taken down, how does that show lack of respect for the copyright owner?? If someone that has an IQ larger than their shoe size would like to comment, please do.

Malk said...

Is all this talk above the reason why there is no link for "Nickel Queen?"

r.l. said...

I'm guessing so. Oh well. Listening to Australian Suite at the moment and it's really remarkably brilliant.

Zer0_II said...

You can download "Nickel Queen" and "Boney" here:

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