Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sven Libaek - Boney



litlgrey said...

Your blog is definitely THE source for rare Libaek... there's no way people in the US could possibly ever expect to see stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

It's ..
I second previous comment with one addition -
"no way people in the WORLD could possibly ever expect to see stuff like this! "

This Libaek share elevated you above blogging, you cand stop posting now, you're number 1.

Thanks .

Anonymous said...

Just came along to see if some Libaek... and yes you posted one again!


Claus said...

Oh, thank you very much for this album. Another Libaek jem I hadn't heard, and I'd have to say this is one of his better albums. Thank you for fueling us Libaek fans :)

- Claus

I found a youtube clip of Libaek conducting an orchestra. You only see his back, but it's him alright:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your very nice blog and albums.

I need some nice electronic albums by a French composer: Joel Fajerman

Thanks in advance.


Joël Fajerman


Racines Synthétiques(1978)
Prisme (1979)
Azimuts (1981)
Turbulences (1983)
Electric Ice (1985) (with Pierre Porte)

one bite said...

Just come back from vacation and was really disappointed to find this link dead.
Any chance to reupload or send the link?
Thanks in advance!

cmland said...

I re-uploaded it, let me know if it goes out again.

one bite said...

Thanks cmland!

wingedserpent said...

Man I love this! I've heard a lot of stuff and I don't think anyone else makes music quite like this. Really great stuff.
thanks PSR!

Tom said...

I've been looking for this album for ages... and now the search is over. :D
Thank you, cmland. Cheers!

m.m said...

i want this two album by joel fajerman

1- Racines Synthétiques(1978)

2- Electric Ice (1985)

Jay said...

I recently learned about Sven because of your blog. I'm disapointed that the link is dead again. Any chance you could maybe re-up? BTW... excellent blog!

Colin said...

I would also love a re-up on this album! thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi CMland,

You said to let you know if this link goes dead again, so, yep-it's dead! If it's not to much trouble, I would sure love to get this one, especially after all the good comments! You are the master 'Sven Libaek' site and I am so happy to have discovered him right here! Thank you ever so much!

Deej from USA

Anonymous said...

Definitely deserves a re-up. Please can it be re-upped? Thanks in advance. Interesting composer Sven is. And Boney is a rare album in this part of the world. Became a fan thanks to Life Aquatic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe re-upload in Megaupload or Hotfile? :)

Anonymous said...

re-up please thanks

Zer0_II said...

You can download both "Boney" and "Nickel Queen" here:

vedji said...