Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks - Striking it Rich

Here is an album a bit different from the others I've posted so far. The one thing it has in common with the others is that I think it is a really great album. This one is from 1972 and is Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks "Striking it Rich." They are a truly original band and if you havent heard them I would highly suggest doing so. The band has two guitar players (one is a male vocalist), a fiddle player, an upright bass player, and two female vocalists who play auxillary percussion (and sing amazing harmonies).

01. You Got To Believe
02. Walkin' One and Only
03. O'Reilly At The Bar
04. Moody Richard
05. Flight Of The Fly
06. I Scare Myself
07. Philly Rag
08. The Laughing Song
09. Canned Music
10. I'm An Old Cowhand
11. Woe, The Luck
12. Presently In The Past
13. Skippy's Farewell
14. Fujiyama



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is a really groovy album. get it!

Mr.Tug said...

Here's my story: I purchased this album at a Goodwill in Ballard, WA for $0.99. The photo on the back was enough to grab my attention. I knew nothing about the band, but they looked like they had a sound worth listening to. Lucky! By the time I heard the girls' vocal arrangements on "O'Reilly At The Bar" I was hooked. I love this album, I love this band. Good post!

(Jeffo) babyelvisjackson said...

Many years have been lost, but now I have Dan Hicks and "Striking It Rich" to hand again. These people are the best. So comfortable in their originality. After years I hear this album again and know indistinctly that it is quality to the core. If you are not affraid then crank it up realy loud, put on "I Scare Myself" and find your skin shredded and your mind screaming.
You will need to calm down after that, so listen to the airy spoof "I'm an Old Cow-hand From the Rio Grande".
Every track is unique and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Too bad its a Rapidshare file that can only be downloaded by premium members..boooooo...

Get with it bloggers use Mediafire.

I want this album so bad.

stinky.steve said...


Thanks for this one.

Your vinyl is in much better shape than mine is, I played the crap out of this back in the seventies.

By the way I had no problem downloading this as a non premium user.