Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Herbie Mann - Hi-Flutin'

Here's one of a few out-of-print Herbie Mann records I have. This one is from 1957 and features Buddy Collette. I also have Herbie Mann's "Right Now" and "Reggae" if anyone wants them.

1. Herbie's Buddy
2. Perdido
3. Pop Melody
4. Give a Little Whistle
5. Here's Pete
6. Theme From "Theme From"
7. Nancy with the Laughing Face
8. Morning After



Anonymous said...

Hi! very nice record, but:
i think u ripped that from ure own Vinyl.
If that's right please store the MP3 in best Quality: 320!!!
You also can cut the bad noises with a program like Audacity, just zoom inti the wave and cut the milisec of the bad noise!!! u will get a very good quality then... believe me!!!
have phun, eddie

Anonymous said...

I would love to get the village gate concerts.

Dude said...

"Reggae" would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

i'd like the right now album

cmland said...

I will try to get "reggae" and "right now" posted asap

Anonymous said...

I looking for REGGAE too...any chance?

Anonymous said...

I want the album REGGAE, too. In the best quality, if you can.

Çağatay said...

could u pls upload reggea and right now albums??

doug said...

Hi Flutin is excellant, but one channel sounds much lower in volume than the other.

Anonymous said...

i want da reggae album, pliz!

Anonymous said...

The album you really should try to get is the "Stone Flute" album. Incredibly beautiful and stoned slow. Beats them all and I´m sure it is still floating around internet.