Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Roger Roger - Chappelle Mood Music Vol. 24

This album is not my own rip or upload; I did recently download it though and would like to share it with any visitors of my site, as it is a really nice album. I got it over at Sounds of Champaign (Side 2) which is where you can access it. Make sure to look for the link in the comments section.

My next post will be a recent thrift shop find (for only $0.25!) that I ripped yesterday: Burt Bacharach's score to the film "Lost Horizon" performed by the 101 Strings. I haven't posted it yet because I ran out of batteries for my digital camera and want to get pictures of the cover and back of the album as I have done with previous posts.


s o l e p o w e r said...

Hey man !

I just wanna say wassup to a fellow libaek fan !

I just got into him recently after Solar Flares....What a masterpiece !

And he's pretty rare too...unfortunately not many people post his work.

Thank for the loads of albums.
There is one request made by tons of people all over other blogs...some Shark documentary for which he wrote a score.

cmland said...

The album you are talking about is called Inner Space. I have an old bootleg copy but won't post it because it was just re-released on CD by Votary records. You can buy the album here:

I try not to post anything that is still in print. If you are inclined to find a copy of Inner Space you can get it easily on Soulseek (a p2p program).


=v= said...

Anyone have a working link? Been hunting this one for a while.