Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sven Libaek - The Set

Well I guess I'm done searching for "The Set." I found a guy on Soulseek who had a copy of it. As far as I know it's the only rip online, and it's not the best sound quality but the music is great as always. Here it is from 1970, Sven Libaek's soundtrack to "The Set."
1. Start Growing up Now
2. The Set
3. Thoughts of Regret
4. You'll Love It
5. Love Me
6. Night Tide
7. Suicide
8. That's Peg's Affair
9. Touching Hands
10. Opus 13
11. The Fate of Life
12. Come and See
13. That's Peg's Affair II
14. That's What I'm After
15. The Youngsters
16. Where the Daring Go
17. To the Maestro
18. Partytime at Bronski's
19. Start Growing up Now (Instrumental)



CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

Hey there,

I was just listening to Libaek's album "Solar Flares" and wondered whether there are more albums to find in the blog universe. And finally I landed on your site. Thanks a lot for all the good stuff.
Glad to know that there are other people adoring the sound of Libaek, I assume that I'm the only one in my town :)
However, I'm looking forward to your next posts.


charter pop said...


i discovered your blog thanx the message you left on the high llamas message board. could you please post "the set" 's tracklisting?

thanks !

wonderful said...

howdie, thanks for a cool post, found via llamas forum, you might like this,

see ya

Anonymous said...

yesyesyes said...

Amazing that people think that the music is there's if they record it off of a record. Sad, really. Thanks anon

janus2810 said...

That's not the point at all yesyesyes, if you actually were involved in collecting for real and not just as an internet leech downloading music that other people spend the money and take the time to post maybe you would understand that. If I bought the record and ripped it, I don't think that it's my music, but, the work that I did does belong to me, therefore, if I don't want to give it to you, then I fucking well don't have to. Sharing music online is a lot of work and ripping records takes time and money. It's all about respect, not ownership, so, my issue is not that I own this music, grow up and see the big picture. Oh, where can I go to download some music you've taken the time to rip and share? My guess would be nowhere! Enjoy the LP that I spent time ripping, the insults are appreciated! Infuriating!!! How about maybe a thanks to the guy who did the work, not the anonymous jerk who re-posted it! JP

Kevin said...

janus2810 is indeed an asshole.

how much money did it cost you to rip it? jesus. your ripping of it does not belong to you once it hits the interweb.

i'm all for giving credit where credit was due, but asking someone to take down a link because you ripped it is ludicrous. that's when you lost any respect. get a grip, man.

janus2810 said...

Kevin..... Where can I find some of your hard work? Jerk-off! Lot of big opinions from a lot of leeches, I've got a grip. You know, there's a reason why so many blogs give up, shut down, etc People like you who just don't get it, when someone makes a rip of a rare record that they payed big money for and spent time to rip, maybe instead of just taking that rip without asking OR saying thank you, it might just be appropriate to say thanks, maybe say "hey man, is it cool if I post this on my blog?" Something like that. No, instead, there's assholes like you who call me an asshole for taking the time to do this kind of work in the first place.

There's plenty of people out there who get my rips, and I get rips from them, and we all show mutual respect, then, there's jack-offs that can't even take the time to share anything, or even say thanks.

Yeah, Kevin, I'm talking about people like you! Keep on enjoying your leeching of other people's work on the "interweb". How much money did it cost me to rip it? Hmmmm, well, let's see, there's the money I spent on the LP, and then there's my time...... More than you fuckin' spent downloading it!


Anonymous said...

janus is a funny guy

i am laughing at him

Anonymous said...

At risk of getting involved in someone else's argument....I would like to thank Janus for searching for and purchasing a VERY RARE Australian LP (I've never seen one in 37 years of collecting) and I am most grateful that he has not taken the time and effort to rip it, but made it available for other people to appreciate. And yes, it does take time and effort.

I would also like to thank the owner of Pecks Spec Rips for making it more widely available, since I would not have found it if he hadn't re-posted it. The only thing missing was a word of thanks to the original source..usually that's all they ask.

I am enjoying the record a lot.

S Park said...

Thanks janus2810! I hear what you're saying!

Anonymous said...

This is a bit daft really, a grown adult ( Janus - I assume) whining about his hurt feelings.

I love finding these old treasures in the world of blogs, and the record collector in me is grateful for the effort put in, but the ripper should post these through an altruistic desire to share cool music, not because they need their egos stroking.

As a musician who spends a couple of years and a few grand on each release I make, some ponce griping over his spend on LPs is a bit feeble really, especially seeing as it is the musicians ultimately who really have a legitimate case, financially speaking, and especially as he would buy the records anyway - it's not like he's buying them specifically to share is he?

If your motivation is to spread good music, then great; if it's to get your ego massaged for the incredibly difficult feat of hitting the record button, then you need to have a long hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself "why?"

Zer0_II said...

I know I'm a bit late to the party here, and I wouldn't normally comment on an old post, but I'm sure there are still many people finding there way here while searching for Sven Libaek. Janus, you are a moron my friend. I have been running my own blog for more than four years now. I share because I want to introduce people to music, and I can promise you that I have ripped more albums than your fragile little mind can possibly imagine. I understand that I don't have a legal right to distribute, as you somehow seem to think you do, as it is the musician alone who has the right to distribute their work until it falls in the public domain.

I was absolutely stunned that you demanded that another post be removed from this blog, possibly depriving many thousands of people from ever having the chance to listen to a particular album by Sven Libaek. I know I personally looked forward to hearing "Nickel" but now I can't thanks to your uptight ass. Yeah, ripping can be hard work for those who spend a great deal of time trying to "get it right". It does require more than just hitting the record button. However, there are plenty of people such as myself who partake in the activity who couldn't give a damn if our links are spread time and time again without permission. Sure, a thank you here and there would be nice, but it certainly isn't required. Once anything hits the internet it is fair game to be reposted elsewhere. Often times it is circulated so widely and rapidly that people don't even know where the download originated from, which makes it impossible to ask for permission or say thanks to some douchebag such as yourself. I would love to see you go to a place such as 4chan and demand that those people thank you or ask you for permission to share your links. Wake up idiot. This is about the music, not you.


Jivethumb said...

I got to add my mad ,deep respect to this awesome site and the amazing links you've turned me on to! Way to go Pecks Spet Rips! I have looked for Sven Libaek records for years now, and I finally came to the right place! I know when I first heard his music there was no place online to find his music. I would search and turn up zilch! All that has changed for the better, and now music lovers can hear music that is near impossible to find. You get my vote as one of the best blogs sites I have come across. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters. Thanks for keeping the music alive..I'm sure the artists would be happy to know that their work is being heard!